My background is in engineering and being a designer I've always had an interest in art in all its forms, especially visual art and music.


Photography has been slow to be accepted as an art form, and in fact the amount of junk we see rather reinforces that prejudice. And whilst it can indeed be simply a medium of record, of transient interest to onlookers, it can also be an amazing medium of expression. This is an area that specifically interests me, though putting together effective creative composites is very time consuming and somewhat dispiriting when camera club judges don't "get it". But what do they know!

I've been on the committee of the Harrogate Photographic Society for ten years and was its president in 2013-14.

I hope you enjoy the galleries. They are an ongoing and sporadic work in progress.

There's much more to see in the Friends & Family section, more galleries, videos, music and writing. So if I know you send me a request for the password.

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