Pot Luck

A random selection of stuff.

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Council cuts.jpg
Council Cuts
Jura Malt bookcover.jpg
Book cover for "The Whisky Lover's Tour of the Scottish Islands" 
Snow 1.jpg
"Sixty Second Interview" 
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Playground Perils.jpg
Playground Perils
See the Remains.jpg
See The Remains
Cycling Fogies 05.jpg
Selby police in crisis
Staircase job 2020.jpg
The staircase job - my major woodwork project for 2020
"Well, I don't fancy yours!"
Melbourne Art Gallery
In the Land of the Blind.jpg

A few years ago my Photographic Society posed a challenge to represent a well known phrase or saying in an image.

I spent some time carving this 5 ft tall Easter Island type figure and photographing it in various positions at Brimham Rocks.

  Nobody could get what it was supposed to represent. Can you?

Vega-Pan 2. (After Victor Vasarely)
I'm putting together a collection of my abstract art-photography which will appear on the public web pages. This, believe it or not, is derived from a photo of the underside of a frying pan!
Family album 2.jpg
My Grandpa (mother's side). A composite from old family photos. His bus company existed in the 1920's and was one of the first in Yorkshire.
Triumph 350 Sept 64.jpg

1964 or 65. on my beloved Triumph.

Photo by John Yates

The Open Door.jpg

My mother, 1922-2008. The poem is from  The Door by Kapka Kassabova which I thought most appropriate.